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Interactive wall - PIOVRA

Interactive wall

The Challenge

Interactive Wall is an online platform devoted to the creation and real-time moderation of an interactive wall that allows for public participation. Basically, it consists of a screening that takes place over a surface in a space that has been designed to support digital content (tweets, sms, Instagram) from any device and place. The horizontality of this project is one of its biggest challenges: to bring the audience close to a platform that has been traditionally expensive, technically and logistically in terms of video mapping, and that is now available to anyone and for any event.

Our solution

Interactive-wall is a project that has been developed by the video mapping and visual thinking company We Come in Peace (Lyon, France). Piovra, as the company’s main partner in Spanish-speaking locations, is in charge of developing the strategy to bring this platform closer to the public.



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Interactive Wall =
  SMSwall + Tweetwall + Instawall